The BCCF administers the following awards:

The Willan Award

  • For outstanding service to the BCCF

This award was given by the Willan Choir, and its recipients form the BCCF's Willan Council, a think-tank of conductors and choral musicians who inspire new ideas and projects.

The Herbert Drost Award

  • For distinguished service and support of choral music throughout B.C.
  • To an individual who has had long-term positive effects on choral music and choirs.
  • Nominations may include conductors, administrators, sponsors, composers, librarians, music publishers, and music retailers.

Herbert Drost was the founder and first director of the Vancouver Bach Choir in 1930. In the same year he established the Western Music Company in Vancouver. During his time with the company he published over 450 choral selections including the work of many Canadian composers. He was a powerful influence in choral music activity in Vancouver as well as the whole of Canada.

The Herbert Kent Award

  • For long-term participation in choirs and choral singing.
  • To an individual who displays outstanding commitment and responsibility to choral music
  • This award is for long term service to regional choirs and includes but is not limited to singers, accompanists, publicists, choir historians, etc.

Herbert Kent was a founder and early director of the Arion Male Voice Choir in Victoria, as well as one of its committed singers. His involvement spanned more than 60 years, during which time he also served as choir historian. The choir, established in 1893, is the longest continuously running choir on the west coast of North America.

The Amy Ferguson Award

  • For an outstanding choral director who is also an excellent vocal teacher fostering superior vocal practice
  • Nominations will include individuals who possess the qualities outlined above

Dr. Amy Ferguson was the founder and conductor of the renowned Nelson Boys' Choir. From 1931 until her death in 1972 , she was mentor and guide to hundreds of young people in the Nelson area as a voice and piano teacher and choral conductor. Many of Mrs. Ferguson's students went on to distinguished careers as vocal soloists and teachers.

Malcolm McDonald Youth Achievement Award

  • for distinguished service and support of choral music throughout BC
  • awarded to a youth aged 16 to 30 who has demonstrated commitment to choral activities, community building, advocacy and is an inspiring leader

Malcolm McDonald was the first chairperson of the BCCF Youth Council, a youth-run sub-committee of the BC Choral Federation that manages the BC Youth Choir project and promotes youth choral singing through a variety of activities across the province.

The Joyce O. Maguire Award

  • For outstanding, long-term service as a choral accompanist
  • Nominations will include individuals who possess the qualities outlined above

Joyce Maguire was pianist for the Vancouver Bach Choir for nearly 40 years, and manager of its Children's and Youth projects from their inception. She was elected as Associate of the Royal Academy for achieving distinction in the profession, and also served as Executive Director of the BCCF from 1983 until 2004.

The Joyce O. Maguire Fund in Support of Youth Initiatives in Choral Music

The Joyce O. Maguire Fund in Support of Youth Initiatives in Choral Music, created by monies from the BCCF in 2005, is to honour the memory of our much beloved, former executive director Joyce O. Maguire. Monies are awarded from the endowment annually to worthy programs supporting youth initiatives in Choral music.

Donations may be sent to:

The Joyce O. Maguire Fund in Support of Youth Initiatives in Choral Music
C/O The Vancouver Foundation
1200 - 555 West Hastings Street
Box 12132, Harbour Centre
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6

Receipts for tax purposes will be sent by the Foundation directly to the donor. 


To nominate someone for the Herbert Drost Award, the Herbert Kent Award, the Amy Ferguson Award, the Malcolm McDonald Youth Achievement Award or the Joyce O. Maguire Award, please download our nomination form and attach the following:

1.      Brief (150 words or less)outline of reasons for this Nomination
2.     150 word thumbnail biography of the nominee to be be used in making presentations as well as providing appropriate text for the BCCF Newsletter and as a Press Release to local newspapers.
3.     a photograph of the nominee (this may be sent as a jpeg to the Awards chair. Hard copies are also acceptable) This photograph is for inclusion in the BCCF Awards “Hall of Fame”
4. additional testimonial material may be submitted. Brevity is appreciated.

Nominations are reviewed and ratified by the BCCF Executive

Presentation of Awards

Awards are often presented at BCCF Chorfest in May, but may be presented locally at any time after ratification at an event of significance to both the recipient and the presenter. You might call on your regional BCCF Board member to make the presentation.

Please forward nominations and supporting material to:
David Stewart
PO Box 999
Kaslo, BC B.C. V0G 1M0
Phone: 250-366-4623


__ Nomination form completed & signed by three nominators
__ Outline of reasons for nomination
__ Thumbnail biography of nominee
__ Photograph of nominee
__ Additional testimonial material