Call for Nominations

At the heart of the BCCF’s mandate is regional representation. It is a core value we’ve held since the beginning – that our members must be served in all regions of the province by a more local presence. One of the measures we are taking to increase local involvement is to seek local input in the selection of regional directors to serve on the BCCF Board of Directors. This letter and the attached nominations form are intended to give individual and choir members the opportunity to submit nominations for their regional directors to the BCCF for the upcoming Annual General Meeting where the actual election of the Board of Directors takes place.

The BCCF elects a number of regional directors each year; a term of office is two years and is renewable. Your current regional representative may be eligible for re-election. In the past, the BCCF nominations committee has attempted to find effective directors through word of mouth or recommendation of current regional directors. This is acceptable, but we feel it may not truly reflect the needs of the regions. We hope that BCCF members will become actively involved in the democratic process by nominating prospective directors regionally.

Should you, or someone you know, wish to serve your region, stand up by using the attached nominations form. The nominee needs to agree to be nominated and have three supporting signatures from members in good standing within the region. If you have questions about whether your membership is current, please contact the BCCF office – you can do so via the Contact form on the Contact Us page. The nominations form should be returned to the BCCF office by email, snail-mail or fax by the end of April.  The Nominating Committee will assemble the slate of directors for the coming year from the information received from you, the list of directors still having one year left in their term, and the member-at-large positions.

In the case of multiple nominations within a region, the Nominating Committee will contact the nominees to see if agreement can be reached locally to put forward one name from those nominated. All current members in any region may be contacted for balloting. If more than one nominee is put forward to the AGM, the final election of the one representative will take place at the AGM in May.

In the case of vacancies at the AGM, additional members may be appointed to the Board at the September meeting for a one-year term. Candidates should follow the nominating process above.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the BCCF office, the BCCF Project Manager, or the Past President, who is also the convenor of the Nominating Committee. Contact information for them is found at  .