Willan Council

The Willan Council is made up of past Willan Award winners and usually meeting on the Friday evening prior to the September Board Meetings.

The Willan Award is awarded annually, and is presented for outstanding service to the BCCF. Nominations are made at the January Board meeting and a vote is held. The results are held in secret until the presentation is made, traditionally at the banquet on the Saturday night of Chorfest.

Willan Award winners

2016 Fiona Blackburn
2015 Sarona Mynhardt
2014 Ray Horst
2013 Janet Warren
2012 Katherine Mirhady
2011 Sandra Meister
2010 John Trepp
2009 Jim Sparks
2008 Anita Lindsay
2007 Wendy Avis
2006 Malcolm McDonald
2005 Sal Ferreras
2004 Willi Zwozdesky
2003 Kelvin Barlow
2002 Imant Raminsh
2001 David Stewart
2000 Morna Edmundson
1999 Stephen Horning & Marisa Gaetanne
1998 Marg McLellan
1997 Dennis Tupman
1996 Shirley Osborne Koers
1995 Terry Anderson
1994 Robin Suddaby
1993 Bruce Pullan
1992 Brigid Coult
1991 Dick Hibberd
1990 Diane Loomer
1989 Ed Schneider
1988 Don James
1987 John White
1986 Susan Proudman Smith
1985 Inez St Dennis
1984 Joyce Maguire
1983 Jocelyn Pritchard
1982 Jon Washburn
1981 John Smith