- a course for choral musicians working in school and community

Sunday 20 August - Saturday 26 August, 2017

Fiona Blackburn, Sandra Meister, Sarona Mynhardt

Venue: Alderson Elementary School, Coquitlam
(825 Gauthier Ave, Coquitlam)

For the sixteenth year running, the BCCF is offering this foundational course for conductors.

The Choral Directorship Course has been offered since 2002. The course offers an introduction to the basics of conducting, vocal pedagogy, choral and personal skills. It will also be found to be a useful opportunity to review fundamentals for slightly more experienced conductors whose batteries need recharging.
The upcoming course is open to conductors of community choirs, but it is specifically focused on those offering music within the school system. We hope particularly to reach those specialists who have music training, but do not necessarily have specific knowledge of dealing with children’s voices. Specific topics covered are likely to include:

  • basic vocal physiology
  • appropriate ranges for different age groups
  • breath support and techniques for developing that support
  • development of the head voice
  • choosing appropriate repertoire
  • what defines ‘good/excellent’ repertoire...what do I look for?
  • singing in parts - canons, partner songs, two-part repertoire
  • the role of the accompanist
  • organizing for the choir (short-term and long-term)
  • what to do in the first rehearsal
  • making rehearsals “fun”, productive and musically successful
  • getting the whole body involved
  • ideas for involving and engaging boys
  • what to do when elementary aged boys’ voices begin to change
  • sitting or standing - when to do what
  • useful (but simple) conducting gestures
  • age appropriate exemplars of individual and group performance

The morning sessions will be focused on foundational vocal and conducting skills; afternoons will feature specific topic skills and interests according to the needs of registered participants (see list above for some examples).  From 4pm onwards, there will be masterclass-style sessions during which all participants will be expected to have an assessment of their conducting skills with a faculty member in front of a choir made up of their peers and visiting singers.

For an application form CLICK HERE 
       Please note: early-bird deadline MAY 10

A cheque may be sent to the office with a snailmail application; if you prefer to scan and email your application, please call BCCF Administrator Anita Lindsay at 604-738-8593 with a credit card number.
Thanks to a very generous sponsor, scholarships and bursaries may be available to BC registrants needing travel and accommodation assistance, or other financial aid.

Please contact the BCCF Project Manager – for information. We also recommend that you apply SOON to your school, choir or other potential source of funding for help.

For a application for a scholarship or other financial assistance, CLICK HERE