The BCCF runs a variety of different workshops around the province. The impetus for these workshops needs to come from YOU, but we can help with providing budgets, clinicians, ideas, and expertise. When available, choirs may apply under one of two grant programs for funds to subsidise a workshop. Application forms are available here: INFORMATION / BUDGET

Workshops might include:

  • Choir management, including topics such as:
    • Administration
    • Finances
    • music libraries
    • publicity
    • archives
    • long-range planning
  • Vocal health
    • Working with a clinician trained as a vocal pedagogue, or with someone from the Pacific Voice Clinic.
  • Working with a special clinician - perhaps from outside the province
  • Inviting a guest choir to do a workshop
  • A singing day for Boy or Girls only; Children's Chorfest
  • Workshops for sopranos and altos, or for tenors and basses
  • Workshops on a specific piece of music - perhas a day spent on the Faure Requiem or the Bach B-minor Mass.
  • A singing day with a theme: perhaps church music, spirituals or vocal jazz

If you are interested in having your choir host a workshop in your area, please get in touch with your regional representative on the Board, or with the BCCF Project Manager, Brigid Coult at


Upcoming Workshops