Virtual Library

There are two parts to the BCCF's library programs - the VIRTUAL LIBRARY and the DATABASE PROGRAM


The BCCF owns music acquired through workshops or through the demise of choirs. Since there is restricted space for the storage of these sets, they are housed in the libraries of the borrowing choirs, and tracked by the BCCF office.  Any BCCF choir is permitted to borrow music free of charge.

Music already in the Virtual Library may be requested by application to the BCCF Project Manager. These applications will be taken in the order they arrive; in fairness to other users, choirs may be restricted in the number of sets they may have in use at any one time. Choirs using BCCF Virtual Library music have two months after performance date to collect, sort and assess the set before making it available to another choir.

Music must be programmed for public performance. The concert programme should acknowledge the loan: "Music on loan from the B.C.Choral Federation Virtual Library".Choirs must accept responsibility for shipping music on to the next user. Music should be insured when shipped.

You can view the current list of Virtual Library contents (PDF format): General Music or Christmas Music.

BCCF Member Choir Library Database Project

The BCCF is compiling the library lists of member choirs. We hope that choirs will allocate their budgets to the purchase of new music, while making some of their stored music available to their fellow choirs. We request that choirs NOT try to make up a program of music that is all borrowed from other sources.

  1. Choirs applying to use the Library Database must also be willing to have their own libraries listed.
  2. Photocopies are at no time acceptable on a library listing.
  3. Any loans or exchanges between choirs are arranged independently of the BCCF. Choirs without specific loan policies may use a standard agreement form that the BCCF office can supply.
  4. Choirs searching for specific music should contact the BCCF Librarian either directly or through the BCCF office. When the music has been tracked down, the applying choir will be put in touch with the choir possessing the music. All further negotiations are between choirs.
  5. Currently ONLY the BCCF music is listed on the BCCF web page. By request of participating choirs, individual libraries are not listed.

For more information on borrowing:

BCCF Library Resources
P.O. Box 4397
Vancouver BC V6B 3Z8

The BCCF Librarian is Brigid Coult: 

(604) 272-4216