BCCF North Okanagan News - Stephen Plant resigns from board

Published on October 8. 2015

Dear Directors, Accompanist, Choristers and Supporters, As your North Okanagan Regional Director and Representative since 2007 I have seen and heard both established Choirs with impressive histories and the emergence of new singing groups and Choirs of all ages.

The BCCF works for Singers of all ages and has strong support in the North Okanagan as demonstrated at “Chorfestivity” in Vernon this May.

In 2007 which seems a long time ago now the BCCF Newsletter was our main communications tool. Now we all have access to the “News” as well as links to the myriad of BCCF programs, services, workshops, resources and support available - thanks to the internet.

Please remember that www.bcchoralfed.com/members is your direct access to the BCCF and your resources.

I feel honoured to have played a small part in promoting and supporting Choral Music in the North Okanagan and have the utmost respect for You the dedicated Directors, Accompanists, Singers and Supporters who are creating our vital vibrant caring community through singing and song.

Science is giving us more evidence for truths which we instinctively understand. One has only to witness the effects of music on a baby experiencing the newness of sound or a person at the end of life recalling joyful memories revived by a song or piece of music to know the potential importance of music in human life. Thank you for your vital contribution to our culture and society.

Thank you too for your cooperation, support and encouragement I have received through the years as your BCCF representative. I feel that it is time for me to pass on the torch and invite inquiries from those interested in this position and what it entails.

Yours Singcerely

Stephen Plant

250 838 6800