In Nanaimo, on March 6, Sarona Mynhardt led 68 children aged 4-14 to understand and embrace the music of South Africa.  Sarona’s boundless energy, expertise and enthusiasm had the room rocking as they sang, danced and played authentic South African percussion instruments.

With great skill and on-the-spot thinking, Sarona adjusted her expectations for the wide range of ages: simpler for the younger children, more complex for the older, more experienced children. It was a joy to watch the older children step up to provide support for the little ones. There were a lot of adults there as well, some of whom actively participated and others who merely observed with smiles on their faces and toes a-tapping.  It was a wonderful afternoon of fun and music-making!  Thank you, Sarona! 
This workshop was presented as a result of collaboration between Nanaimo Sings! and the BC Choral Federation.