Imagine, if you will, an intimate gathering of 50 people under the direction of Sarona Mynhardt. The drums are keeping time as we sing our hearts out in Zulu and move freely in unison…..well OK maybe not all in unison, but you get the picture!

That was the scene on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in Qualicum Beach. We spent the day learning about South African history, its music, dance and so much more! Sarona regaled us with stories of her family and growing up there in a different time. Sarona displays her passion for her heritage and love of music openly with expression in her voice, animated gestures and a poignant countenance. All of this was absorbed hungrily by the group gathered.

Here is what some folks had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarona. As always, she was a powerhouse of energy and keep me engaged the whole day. I particularly enjoyed her start to the day with the details of physical alignment in order to keep our voices free.” Helen Van Spronsen (with permission)

“The day was fun. The music transported me to another place. Learning about its structure was a great help in understanding the structure of African music, and this will help me in choral singing in the future. The posture training was good as well.” Rowena Massey-Hicks (with permission)