Vancouver Orpheus Returns from Wales

Published on October 21, 2015

The Vancouver Orpheus Male Choir has recently returned from a very successful tour of Wales. In just under two weeks, they performed seven joint concerts with different male choirs. Apart from the joint numbers, their repertoire was almost entirely Canadian, and it was enthusiastically received by the Welsh audiences. The choir acquitted itself well despite being the victim of a particularly nasty and infectious strain of bronchitis, which meant that for several of the concerts less than the full complement of singers was on stage. One of the host choirs, Colwyn Male Voice Choir, will be coming to Vancouver next August, and it will be Orpheus' privilege to host them in return.

There were several bonuses to the tour. One was the weather which was unexpectedly lovely for the entire time, and another was the scenery, especially in Snowdonia National Park, which was spectacular. Another "plus" was that the World Cup of Rugby was being played during the tour, and the sense of national pride was palpable, especially after Wales narrowly defeated arch-rival England in the early stage of the tournament. The choir was careful not to schedule a concert on the night of that game. Wales is truly the land of both rugby and song!